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How Much You Need To Expect You'll Pay For A Good Flat Earth

This is actually the Flat Earth Modern society Podcast, a location or no cost thinkers to debate option science and new or unconventional ways of viewing the world.

Flat Earth Proof

Adore your do the job mate. Top rated fucking shit. Im about to do an experiment on encounter reserve. I don't have any pals on facebook as at todays day 24 Sep 2015.

Hi Eric I owe you an apology.....I did not know the extent I had been subliminally brainwashed through the years, and have to confess It hardly ever dawned on me to severely query what type of area we live to tell the tale.

  This really is the same as how David Icke suggests a lot of wonderful stuff then writes a complete e book declaring "the Moon is usually a hollow House-ship piloted by reptilian aliens who Handle humanity with head-Management moon-beams." These brokers purposely poison the effectively and muddy the waters to obfuscate the reality, which is that the Moon is normal and NOT a hologram It doesn't matter how persistently Mark and Crrow say so.

  There is a sub-course of shills like DaveJ and Rayn Gryphon who seem to be compensated simply to submit as many videos as you can with flat Earth-associated keywords to muddy the waters with a bunch of terrible and non-sensical videos.  Other examples of this are Alien Fossil Task, Queenie Cameron, and NatureHacker.

In his most current Ball Earth Skeptic interview Mark arrived proper out and explained: (paraphrasing) "I'm not even that attached towards the flat model, everyone has their designs with superior/terrible details, I have my product, Eric has his design, and even Lord Steven Christ has his product which happens to be quite a bit better than the ball Earth product!

  Following successfully co-opting my key phrases, she claimed being purging her team of "anti-semitic" posters, and Although I hadn't posted anything but my FE content articles/videos, kicked me out without having a term.  Linking the ball Earth deception for the Jews query is a thing Matt, Mark, Lori, Jeran and the opposite shills seem eager to avoid.

SHills or not, They're assisting you want it or not. Mark is who i found, and I used to be interested, not really by what he said, however the footage with the air balloon and this kind of, which proved extra then anything he really claimed, As a result i began seeking... and listed here i am.

The unfounded claims only obtained a lot more absurd as Mark commenced carrying out radio interviews.  All of a sudden he began indicating that "the Moon and stars are not there, They may be holographic projections," and recommending not less than as soon as for each exhibit that everyone should pay a visit to fellow shill Crrow777's YouTube channel.  I named Mark out on this at IFERS (of which he continues to be a member, but refuses to publish) giving considerable evidence that the Moon/stars are all-natural luminaries instead of holographic projections, to which he responded only once and did so not Individually, but as a result of An additional fellow shill, Acenci.

I just found Andrew's whole blog on this subject disturbing and helps make me query his legitimacy to his reference to Dr. Judy Wood.

I happen to be adhering to your weblog for a while. Regardless that the flat earth hypothesis is Placing me off a little, considering that we have been all reality seekers right here, I like the spirit which you have got in demanding the conventional expertise. You can find shills everywhere from Alex Jones to Noam Chompski, the gatekeepers if you'll.

Somebody just squandered £6 or more on postage and much more on the e book. What a shame. Nobody has admitted sending the book.

.. In line with Anastasia from your "ringing cedars of Russia" publications, This can be and real Actual physical teleportation can be a pure capacity of ours... Also There exists something else about HIS(story) that Arthur and A further Russian researcher, have come to the conclusion that every one history is faked, and that we possibly havent experienced much more than one,200 many years or so of Solar Calendar year Rotations of your Earth, as another thing that doesnt genuinely exist is time.. its One more CON-struct... A different issue regarding the conspiracy is that there is no "them", as I skilled when accomplishing a re-birthing excercise, I used to be telling GWB and in many cases Ariel Sharon that "I beloved them", for the reason that that is the only force which will recover this Earth is Appreciate, the most powerful force in the Universe... So in that second I realised that its us, we, I that enable the conspiracy to be active, and its me/us/we that have to alter in order for it to fade absent..... Its the darkness wihtin all of us, that allows evil to become Energetic on this Earth, and only once we heal this darkness, can link is here we re-produce paradise/heaven on Earth....

These thinking about anymore Perception into some other viewpoint but Eric's concerning the abnormal psychology We have now inherited approximately any predatory dogma (like the ball Earth) can feel free to glimpse me up.

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